Top 3 Ways To Organize Your To Do List

We sometimes get so overwhelmed with our TO DO list, that we end up not doing one thing on the list. Being able to take all your tasks out your head and on to paper is important, but what if that list is just as overwhelming? We use these 3 strategies to help us organize and prioritize our To DO List:

1.Start with the tasks that are connected to other people.

If you are working with other people, start with the tasks that will help other people complete their work. If you are planning an event, say your wedding and the Wedding planner needs details from you, start with those because she will then be able to move forward with other arrangements. 

If you are studying, start with the tasks that require group effort. Holding others back often makes us feel bad, which then makes us less productive. 

  1. Prioritize tasks

Define the following:

What is urgent

What is due in a few weeks

What is due in a few months

What is Urgent should be prioritized first, even if what is due in a few months easier to accomplish. 

  1. Identify a task that will make you feel good

After eating the crocodile and completing the most crucial tasks, choose one task that will get your blood rushing, get you excited and motivate you to get going with the other tasks. If getting your nails done this week is part of your To DO list, then factor it in after you have completed bigger tasks on your list.

There is no right or wrong way of organizing your list, only the way that feels best for you. How do you use your To Do list? Comment below.