How To Set Your Goals in 2023

This part of the Planner is called The Action Plan which is a step by step guide on how to set those goals and action them. Setting goals is important for your long term vision and can keep you accountable daily. In this blog post we will be focused on how to set specific goals and measure them. Here are the steps to take when setting goals:

Step 01: Identify the Goal

What is it that you are trying to achieve? Have it in clear writing and try to keep the description simple. This could be a personal goal , a career goal or a goal to give back to the community, whatever it is, give it a title and a name.

Step 02: Why is this goal important to you?

Write down why this goal is important to you, what makes it worth pursuing? How is this goal tied to your life plan and how does it fit into the rest of your life? The goal does not need to be complicated or socially acceptable for it to matter, it should be important to you.

Step 03: Identify the feelings you will feel once the goal is achieved.

Imagine yourself on the other end of the goal, how will you feel? Write down the feelings that you hope to feel once you are done. Will you feel proud, joyful or even motivated to get to the next goal?

Step 04: Plan how to celebrate once you have achieved that goal

We often get so busy planning and working through the goals, that we miss the rewards. Plan beforehand how you will reward yourself once you have completed the goal. This makes you look forward to achieving the goal.

Step 05: Steps you need to take to achieve the goal

Write down the steps you need to take to achieve this goal, who do you need to consult with and what do you need to put in place. for you to achieve the goal? Let’s say your goal is to run a marathon next year, some of the steps you would have to take would include signing up for a running club, learning about long distance running and maybe even getting a running coach. What steps are needed for you to achieve those goals?

Step 06: Identify the positive impact of the goal

How will achieving this goal be positive in your life as well as the lives of others? How will it impact your family and community in a positive way? When we tie our goals to a greater mission or to the people we love, we often accomplish them because they mean more to us.

These 6 steps of Goal Setting can be applied across various areas of our lives. This Action Plan is Found in the Get It Done Planner for 2023. Grab your copy below