Weekly Planner & Daily Planner

What is the difference between the Weekly planner layout and the Daily Layout? We have just introduced a Daily Planner and wanted to highlight the difference between the Weekly Planner we are used to and the new daily planner.

The weekly planner is for the woman who loves seeing an overview of her week in one spread, this is why we love the weekly planner :

  1. You get an overview of the week. 
  2. Break down tasks across the week, making it more manageable. 
  3. You can really prioritize the most important tasks. 

A daily planner is for the detail orientated woman. She loves her hourly details and wants to know what is happening throughout her day. Here is what we enjoy about the daily layout:

  1. You can get into the details and focus on specific tasks .
  2. You are able to track goals daily.
  3. Your meetings, appointments and personal life items have sufficient space on the layout. 
  4. There is enough room to plan your day from 5am to 5pm

Both layouts offer great benefits and really depend on an individual. What is your planning style? Comment below and let us know.