How To Use Your Planner At The End Of The Year

Year end fatigue usually creeps in around October of each year, you might be feeling burnt out, demotivated and maybe you are not using your planner as frequently as you used to. Here are some ways you can use your planner during this time: 

Use it to reflect

Reflect on the year, what worked for you? What didn’t work? Reflect on some memories and how they made you feel during that time. Use the extra pages as an extension of your Brain Dump. 

Use it to plan events

Map out your December events, are you hosting? Do you have an event you are planning? Use the rest of the planner to map out some ideas, details and costing. 

To plan a trip

Going away this year? Have you nailed down all your arrangements? If not, this would be a good time to jot out some ideas on where you will be going to, costs involved and itinerary. 

Meal prep

Use the pages in your planner to design a menu, get some groceries , track your food and keep it as a journal. 

What other ways do you use your planner towards the end of the year? Comment below